There is an increasing trend in Turkey in the recent period: All the world against us… No friends except for us…

Unfortunately, it is first looked at person who says the word before what this word means in our country.

But, is it a correct perspective?

For example, aren’t the words of Flavio Marabelli, the Honorary Chairman of Italian Marble Machinery Producers’ Confederation, who talked about Turkish marble, ‘friendly’?

What does Marabelli say?

Turkish sector increasingly sets higher sales aims. But, one should consider not only the amount but also the value of the export item. It’s because we want Turkish natural stone sector to be strong in order to be healthy and continue its investments.”

In short, he says that you must know the value of the stone that you sell, just like what Marble Trend underlines for years!

While the Chairman of Italian association makes a warn for Turkey, what happens in Turkish associations?

For example, tbe highest mineral association in Turkey isn’t admitted to the biggest fair held in Turkey!

That association seeks revenge by establishing a new fair!

The board management of IMIB, which decided to have a new fair, split in two parts.

The existing managament doesn’t attend in the general meeting of IMIB.

While some of them consider Increasing International Competitiveness Project(UR-GE) to be ‘a step to save the future of the project’, some others thank Ministry of Economy that ended UR-GE application.

Those leading the sector can’t come together, let alone having a common point. As you see, it is a world totally disintegrated.

Now I’m asking… While we are stabbing each other among us, are those, who say the truth, against us!

Which side would you pay attention!

To those ‘from us’ without looking what they say, or or to those whose words have a ‘value’?