“If you want to attend The Big 5 Show, you have to attend Middle East Fair, as well”, they said.

Who are “they”?

Ladin Fair Organization, which organized Turkey’s national participation at these two fairs in Dubai.

And we asked, “It’s the first time we’ve seen such a situation in our careers. Is this a new marketing strategy of yours?”

“It has nothing to do with us. The main organizer has decided to do so this year”, they answered.

Then, we e-mailed this main organizer.

And we asked, “Is this imposition of yours binding just for the Turkish marble industry, or will it be applied to all marble traders in the world?”

“No, it’s binding for all marble companies”, they answered.

Then we said, “If that is so, get the main organizer to make a written statement so that everybody knows.”

As a result, Faye Black, vice president of dmg Events, confirmed this application with a written statement.

In the 43rd issue of Marble Trend, we had brought this case to the agenda with the topic of “Middle East Imposition at Big 5 Show.” I criticised the case and said, “As Marble Trend Magazine, we will follow this case very closely.”

We didn’t believe the imposition could be applied, and apparently we weren’t wrong.

The trickery is revealed when you check the lists of both the fairs.

And now I say; We shouldn’t be the only ones demanding justice for deceived Turkish marble traders!