Editor The fire and the heroes

The fire and the heroes


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The fire and the heroes

Wildfires scorched the land. 

They ignored the “law.”

The fires surrounded the forests.

They didn’t follow the so-called regulations.

As our beloved country’s forests were burning with all the ecosystem in it, they did their best to help extinguish the fires in that life and death situation. 

Putting their lives at stake, they fought against wildfires side by side with firefighters, using their machines worth hundred thousands of dollars. 

Because they didn’t need any kind of permission or signature from that certain authority this time. 

They didn’t care about the so-called “authorities” who always make promises without fulfilling them.

But it wasn’t enough.

After extinguishing the fires, they didn’t go back home. They wanted to repair the burned down houses of the poor people. “The animals of our neighbours burned, let us help them,” they said.

They came together and raised ₺6 million to help the people in need.

I am kindly expressing my respects for those who conduct these fundraising organizations without advertising, feeling sincerely sorry for the mass destruction in the area. 


I’ve had clothes, shoes, a car and a house, but I’ve never had a “column” before. 

I have to give the credit. 

“Taşlama” column is a serious brand in the sector. And it’s not easy to be worthy of this legacy of Çağlayan Sueli. 

The main characteristic of this column may be “criticism.” However, in a situation like the one mentioned above, I thought it would be much better to dedicate it to “appreciation.” 

And what about later? 

We’ll continue criticising through “Taşlama.”


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The fire and the heroes

Wildfires scorched the land.  They ignored the "law." The fires surrounded the forests. They didn't follow the so-called regulations. As our beloved country's...

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